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AI Companion for Drivers
Mobility OS



AI Companion for Drivers
Mobility OS

AI Companion for Drivers

Introducing the first-ever AI companion powered by cognitive architecture, capable of executing complex commands independently and helping drivers manage connected services safely and effectively.

Inpris enhances connected mobility by combining a powerful, voice-controlled AI system/app that comprehends natural phrasing and expression, with a linked remote for hands-free operation and device navigation. 

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זמן אספקה משוער - במהלך ינואר

Accidents and fines come at a heavy price

Use of the phone while driving can result in a fine up to $500 USD

Distracted driving causes 50% of all car accidents


Regulatory agencies around the globe are increasing penalties for distracted driving, while supporting tools that reduce auto accidents and promote driver monitoring; Inpris provides an impactful solution.

Focusing on the road and identifying danger in time are crucial

Research shows that regular voice assistants and in-vehicle multimedia systems are dangerous!


A normal reaction time

1 sec

Reaction time with Apple CarPlay

1.57 sec

Alcohol-induced reaction time

1.12 sec

Reaction time with Android Auto

1.53 sec

According to studies conducted by major safety organizations in the U.S. and the United Kingdom, drivers using voice assistants and in-car multimedia systems take their eyes off the road for 16 seconds and their reaction times are almost 50% longer. 


IAM RoadSmart Study, 2020

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AI-enabled smart device for controlling the phone safely while driving

Through its innovative technology, Inpris has provided a solution to prevent the main cause of road accidents for the first time ever.
People can now safely use their smartphones while driving.

With Inpris, you're always in control!

Inpris allows you to scroll messages and listen to their voicemail, send messages easily and conveniently, control what you hear, navigate while traveling, call from call history, and switch between screens and applications at lightning speed and with maximum accuracy.  
It is not necessary to talk much with Inpris. With one or two clicks, you can confirm recommended actions, give a voice command, or carry out complex tasks.
Put your hands back on the wheel and look ahead.
What you need is no longer a struggle.
Inpris lets you enjoy the road and drive safely.

Call favorites with one click

Call any contact in a single word 

Make a call from your history 
​"Next call" predicted by AI
AI-powered Smart Emergency Dial






Listen to WhatsApp and SMS messages

Scroll through incoming messages

Reply whenever you choose

Set up automatic replies

Send voicemails through WhatsApp

Send text messages via SMS and WhatsApp

AI-based smart filter for incoming messages

Thousands of Internet radio stations 

Play music apps (Spotify, YouTube, etc.)

Switch between songs, adjust volume, etc.

Play music with smart voice commands

Choose from a list of songs or performances

Run podcasts using voice commands

Get suggestions for your next song

Music by mood - artificial intelligence




Easily reach your Favorite Destinations

Simplified voice navigation

Browse past navigations

Return to your navigation screen even during a call

Use AI to predict your next destination

Get smart directions to points of interest

Locate a stopping point/gas station

By clicking the heart icon, you can access your favorite apps, navigation apps, music, or any other app you want in just a few seconds


Inpris AI is the most advanced driver assistant artificial intelligence in the world.

It can add appointments to the diary, find a place to stop, find out opening hours, and many other features that have never been seen before.

The Back button is a basic feature, isn't it?

You may be surprised to learn there's no other system that allows you to change or pause an action before it ends.


By pressing the speaker, you can change the volume, or mute the entire device;
you can also
choose to mute only commands or just play the music again. 

חידושים 2ה.png

Easily retrievable

Easily move between vehicles
Four different modes
suitable for two-wheelers

מותאם 3.png

Glowing in the dark

Night driving friendly
No-battery illumination

חידושים 1.png

Rechargeable battery

Battery status indication
Easy charging
Extended battery life 

The artificial intelligence of the highest level!


- NEW -

Powered by OpenAI (GPT-3)

Discover the capabilities of the most advanced artificial intelligence.

A friend who understands what you're going through and thinks about your future plans.

Managing distractions while remaining connected and productive has never been easier.

חיזוי פעולות.png

Actions prediction

Inpris predicts the next action!

Navigate to your Yoga class?
Play your favorite music?
Send a message to your spouse?
Your system can learn and think for you

voice-recognition- blue.png

Natural Language

Inpris will tell you!
Opening hours
Add calendar events 
Tomorrow's weather

Free-form operations


Texts Formating

Inpris understand what you mean!

Provides a summary of your emails

Reads only the important messages

Phrases and formats messages

Artificial intelligence: An overview 

Important features to know 

Smart Navigation

Music Recommendations

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