At Inpris, we have always been focused on human-machine interfaces. Our latest driving platform was developed with access to the latest AI technology, which enables human-machine interaction based on natural conversation. This technology, known as generator technology, has a lot of potential and we were among the few first organizations to gain access to it. 
While this technology is able to create high-performing human-machine conversations (text-to-text), it was unable to perform precise action execution (text-to-action). 
However, our team was unaware of the difficulties and went on to solve the issue without prejudice about the chances for succession. 
Fortunately, we have extensive knowledge and pre-trained models and algorithms with action execution, which has allowed us to build an independent layer of abstraction in order to harness the power of natural conversation models into precise action execution. With this layer in place, our technology has abilities that were once considered human only.